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At PGA Lawn Care, your premier lawn service company in Charlotte, NC, we understand the vital role of a well-maintained landscape in creating a welcoming outdoor space with quality lawn care services. We do not just provide lawn care services, but also offer expert landscape design and hardscape design services, ensuring that every aspect of your outdoor environment is carefully curated to enhance the beauty and functionality of your property. Our comprehensive services encompass everything from lawn care maintenance to aeration, landscape maintenance, mosquito control, and specialized lawn care treatment programs tailored to your lawn’s unique needs.

Discover the difference with PGA Lawn Care! We bring a unique mix of passion, knowledge, and individualized touch, making your yard and outdoor space the neighborhood envy!

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PGA Lawn Care

PGA, which stands for Premier Grounds and Arboriculture, is a playful nod to the co-founder’s love of golf and a testament to their commitment to providing premier services for their customers.
When you choose PGA Lawn Care, our expert team is committed to providing unparalleled customer service and expertise, ensuring that your outdoor space remains healthy, vibrant, and enjoyable throughout the year in Charlotte, North Carolina

Why Choose PGA?

Choosing PGA Lawn Care means choosing a team that understands the importance of a well-maintained, healthy yard. PGA Lawn Care’s commitment to our customers is unparalleled, as we are not just another lawn service company. At PGA, we believe in partnering with our customers to achieve optimal health and beauty for your yard, which will be enjoyed for years to come!

Rooted Expertise

In the summer of 2018, PGA Lawn Care was born from a shared vision between co-founders Jason Siulc and Darin Murphy. With Jason’s expertise in Turf and Turfgrass Management from Cornell University and Darin’s horticulture knowledge from Purdue University, they aimed to provide superior lawn maintenance services in Charlotte, North Carolina. Today, PGA Lawn Care is a thriving business with over 30 full-time employees and more than 40 years of combined experience.

Our Commitment

Maintaining your yard is a year-round commitment, especially in North Carolina. Our lawn and shrub program exemplifies this, with applications applied all year long, not just in the spring and fall. This is what it takes to achieve optimal results for a healthy lawn.

Our Mission

As former employees of a national lawn care company, we knew that we could provide better customer service on a local level. Our unique partnership and commitment to detail enable us to help customers achieve the lawn and outdoor experience they have always desired rather than just providing basic lawn service. We take care of our employees only through taking care of our customers.

Our Services


Lawn Maintenance Services

Our trusted lawn service company provides everything from regular mowing to soil aeration, ensuring your lawn thrives every season.

Lawn Care Programs

PGA Lawn Care, a dedicated lawn care company in Charlotte, NC, will apply year-round lawn treatment services, including weed and disease control applications, to meet the needs of your lawn.
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Tree and Shrub Protection

Our year-round specialized protection and trimming services preserve your trees’ and shrub’s health and beauty, ensuring quality lawn services.
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Mosquito Control

We offer effective mosquito control solutions, creating a comfortable and pest-free environment for your outdoor enjoyment as part of our comprehensive lawn care services. We’ll keep your property free of these annoying pests.
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The best defense in protecting your plants from the hot summers and the cold winters is mulch, and we incorporate this service into our lawn care maintenance services to best suit your needs.

Hardscape Design

Whether you desire a cozy patio firepit, a new outdoor kitchen, or a stylish pathway, our expert hardscape design services can elevate your outdoor living space, integrating custom landscape design with functionality.
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Landscape Design

PGA Lawn Care can customize a landscaping plan based on your preferences and sun requirements.
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Garden Clean Up

Allow our professional team to help maintain a clean, beautiful garden all year, ensuring top-notch landscape maintenance.
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Commercial Lawn Care and HOA Services

Our experienced team is available to maintain your commercial property, leaving a lasting impression on your customers and visitors with our comprehensive commercial lawn care and HOA services.

Contact us today to experience the difference with PGA Lawn Care in Charlotte, NC. We’re ready to handle all your commercial and residential lawn care needs, ensuring your property looks fantastic.


What People Are Saying

Lexi Keegan
Lexi Keegan
Jason and team are the most fantastic to work with in the lawn care industry in Charlotte. Our builder didn't start us off with the greatest base of a lawn, and after guidance and working with PGA, we have beautiful grass that is weed free, becoming lush, and a complete 180 from what we started with. I cannot recommend working with PGA enough. If you want a beautiful yard, give them a call. Very competitive pricing, professional, responsive and attentive, and unparalleled customer service.
Barbara Perrigo
Barbara Perrigo
We have used PGA for many years and been very satisfied. The service started at our home in Huntersville, then moving to another home who's owners neglected the lawn. Within the first year the improvements were amazing. Great staff and service
Michal Campbell
Michal Campbell
I highly recommend PGA Lawn Care, they do an amazing job on my lawn! PGA is a full service lawn care provider, so I don't need to look anywhere else. I love working with a local business and their attention to detail top notch!
Allison Williams
Allison Williams
PGA Lawn Care is the best, our yard has never looked so good! A small business with big quality.
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